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[散文詩集其他] As promised before


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& B' M: r7 r/ i( I# T" ]# U3 X2 ^& R
; m9 u- e) a7 ~. d1 D8 d- pThe world in our eyes is already corrupted, so we create a new one to save our soul.
: x/ |& [( Q$ T3 k0 U6 B
0 i% T& |) A, K2 E# O1 RThere’s nothing left in the hell. We walk through the whole way and tear all barriers apart. Dark and red along the way. Never have a good sleep until you get into my life. Spill our blood and gain our praise, we worth the best of the world. % r) P9 {. Y/ G" {# Q
, Z" R( v* O/ ]6 C: M
For goddess, all I wish is that nothing left for coyotes.7 e2 m6 ^3 p6 A

9 @( L9 z5 ]6 u, |Your eyes clever as spring, they wipe away all my fatigue rolling from life. We sleep in the same place, gain the peace we deserve.
; B8 K$ i# G8 a/ W' b  ~) |
; Q, B; s1 S) X' ?1 sI ever abandoned you in the dark, but I found I couldn’t sleep without you. You are the shiniest star in the sky, though the storm already roars all the night.
! ]% X' k& C' {& [; A, v2 y+ k; n6 j6 F4 u
" I: J% `( L6 p6 A6 F7 y) E( h& v7 E
落地玻璃窗前十四樓的雪。黑暗中蔓延張狂的寂寞。襯衫西裝穿在身上似乎有點大,卻意外的帥氣好看。忠誠正直帶點世故滄桑的眼神。窩在公司地板上的睡袋睡著,棉絮躺起來並沒有想像中的舒適。& i$ h! M2 o" G& J9 P% {) b% e( j

* v1 a# Z3 |8 t% T" N* i" {7 b徐謙和余凱、允文下了班後,騎車跑到山上的飯館喝酒玩到凌晨四點才回家。喝得爛醉吐了,被扛回家。余凱趁著徐謙不注意,偷吃了他豆腐。
6 K  f4 W0 P( k8 L& a4 o
' e; W/ I+ g" B# e8 G: F# _0 X/ t/ S' a「不要回頭看,那裡什麼都沒有」
  ^7 \2 [0 h' Q4 h1 a% u/ j, D( W5 Z) j$ w# p5 W- S% q! X

# p1 z" d2 q; [
" n, p. j, o5 d. d, s' W# u: h. b6 j

" E& B, w3 U5 i

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8 T4 N' E. Z( n' {5 v( n我以為下面是翻譯


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