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Kick the Breakup Pain and Get Your Life Back on Track---By Erik Michaels


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When the love of your life leaves you all of a sudden, the pain can at first seem unbearable. Decisions are impossible to make, and just getting up each day seems almost too much. Stop it! If you just deal with it properly and think the right way, it's not only possible to move past the hurt, but also to even get your ex back!

As a warm-up, consider the following things carefully:

1. Letting breakup pain keep you on your butt is just pitiful. You're stronger than that, and you can show everyone (including your ex!) just how strong you are by getting out and having a good time. Call up some friends, and stay active!

2. Good times aside, keep away from the drink! Alcohol loosens you up and makes you more prone to doing things you WILL regret, like 3 AM "drunk dialing" your ex.
Come morning you'll have a hangover and loads of embarrassment.

3. Quit your ex. Completely...for at least a month. A sort of "healing time" is needed here for the two of you to miss each other. Trust me, your ex WILL miss you...if you give him or her TIME to miss you. It'll do you good, too.

4. Follow through with a logical and mind-created plan rather than letting your heart control you. Being sensitive is one thing, but letting your feelings get you into disasters by making you do things that are truly counterproductive to the reunion effort is another entirely.

5. If things don't look like they're going to work...don't be afraid to move on. It's a big world, and you true love is out there somewhere. Make it a goal to find that special someone, and be willing to accept that your ex may simply not be that someone.
There are more things to know of course, but these are the basics that'll start you on the right road. If you'd like a few more valuable tips and tidbits of advice, you can check out the site below for free videos and relationship advice just for people in your situation.


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