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[英語] Read paragraph & choose the best answer.


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2. Maria is watching too much television. A toddler shouldn’t be spending hours staring blankly at a screen.Worse yet, some of her wild behavior has been inspired by those awful cartoonsshe watches. We need to spend more time reading books with her and pull the plug on the TV!

What is the main idea of this paragraph?

a. Watching a lot of televisionisn’t good for Maria.
b. Books are good.
c. All cartoons are bad.
d. Some cartoons are bad forMaria.


toddler 嬰兒
staring blankly 盯著發呆
wild behavior 粗野的行為
inspired 啟發
pull the plug 拔掉插頭

a. Watching a lot of television isn’t good for Maria.


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