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Make your "day off" a day when you're out with friends or family. It is less stressful to have to worry about fitting in or the temptation of richer foods. That means you can relax and enjoy yourself without a having to focus on calories! Have you tried this method, and has it worked for you?

(在節食期間)當你們與親朋好友出遊時能放自己一天假,好好享受這一天。不用去擔心身材和食物的誘惑就比較不會有壓力。也就是說,你能夠在放鬆時不必顧慮卡路里的問題,而能享受這一天! 你有試過這個方法嗎?對你而言有效果嗎?

]This is actually not "a sentence for today", but a passage which needs to translate into Chinese. Any way, I hope the passage above reminds you guys anything worth noticing.



"節食"  發表於 2012-4-3 15:57
前文是說結石期間可以固定一天不節食,比較不會復胖,效果反而更好。  發表於 2012-4-3 15:57


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